You Are All The Best

Cheers to my amazing family. To my amazing husband, Im not sure how I was
fortunate enough to land such an amazing man but I am so glad I did. You
are the best step father in the world, you took my son in as your own. You
showed us love unconditionally and renewed my faith in love. You are the
calm to my storm, the strength in my weakest moments, you are that hand in
my darkest hour that reaches out for me and says "you are not alone, I am
here with you" I love you forever. To my amazing son, you fill my heart
with joy every time I see you smile or hear your laugh. You saved me with
your beautiful innocence and your unique qualities. I wish all the best for
you my darling boy. Last but not least my bestest friend you are truly a
bright star in a dark world. It's very funny to me that when we first met I
thought I would hate you because had bows in your hair! But, I
have grown to love you like a sister. You are always so willing to help us
whenever we need an extra pair hands or set of eyes. We love you, you are
part of our family and we would do anything for you. Cheers to you all for
putting up with my crazy antics and borderline psychotic mood swings I
would be utterly lost without you all.