To My Amazing family

Cheers to you all for making my visit to Washington absolutely perfect.
I've been thinking about coffee by the fireplace/watching deer, pumpkin
donuts, somebody's homemade spaghetti sauce (Yum), that big kitty cat who
eats pumpkin and acts like a dog, reading with my little red-head girl,
playing darts, the beer garden, excellent cuisine, fresh air at 5, getting
the best haircut ever, drinking fine wine and listening to 80s music, the
hockey game (Go Chiefs!), a night on the town. The cross-country flight was
so much fun! And while I'm at it, here's a shout out to our merciful God
of Weather. Perfect conditions for my trip, mahalo! Anyway, I love and
miss you guys and can't wait to come back with my MTB! Thank you so much
for everything, Seesa