Good Samaritans

On November 6, 2012 I along with 3 other good Samaritans noticed 3 boys
walked down Sullivan Road and one boy appeared "disorientated" and had to
be held up by his friends, but continued to fall on his face several times.
I called 911 and the boys tried to hide in a bush but 2 gentlemen and
myself helped the one boy out of the bush and at this time the boy age 15
was in and out of consciousness and frothing from the mouth. In the end we
called 911 and he received the medical treatment needed due to drinking a
large amount of Vodka that the boys stole from Walmart. I just want to give
a huge CHEERS to the other adults that stopped to make sure he was okay, I
also want to say JEERS to the two friends that lied about knowing him and
what he had taken, your friend could have died. I really hope that this was
a wake up call to 3 teenage boys.