Jeers to all Eastern Washington voters who voted against Referendum 74. Did
you know that not a single Eastern Washington county voted in favor of it,
not even Spokane? You people are the reason that Eastern Washington has a
bad reputation and many people out west see Spokane as more similar to
Boise or Billings than Seattle. I'm just thankful that the majority of the
state lives on the west side and that their votes cancelled all of ours
out. Now gay couples from Idaho and Montana can take a quick commute to
Spokane to get married, and you stupid evangelicals can't do a thing about
it. At least 4 counties in Eastern Washington, Spokane, Whitman, Ferry and
Okanogan, approved Initiative 502, and that shows where our heads are at.
While I voted in favor of both of them, I saw Referendum 74 as much more
important and historic, making us the only state west of Iowa to legalize
gay marriage. I'm extremely disappointed that all Eastern Washington
counties voted against that happening. People who tried to prevent this
historic, hopefully trend setting event should be ashamed of themselves.