CAT FRIDAY: The ultimate Internet cat showdown

The ultimate throw down to EVER happen in the history of the Internet is taking place right meow. And we are telling you about it because Spokane’s one and only Keyboard Cat needs your help to win the ultimate title to ever be bestowed on a cat in the history of cats: THE BEST CAT ON THE INTERNET

You can vote on Facebook until 10 pm Eastern Time today. That’s 7 pm our time, so get out there and vote

It’s about time someone out there tried to figure out the world's most favorite cat, right? And thanks to the AmazeCats’ Whisker Wars throw down, we’re about to find out. There’s even a bracket. It’s almost as full of cats as your March Madness bracket is full of teams. And, each one of them has gained some kind of notoriety on the World Wide Web. Can you say that about yourself? Probably not.

The Whisker Wars has almost narrowed down to the Final Four and things are really heating up. There’ve been upsets and blowouts, and some of these kitties have won rounds with just a whisker’s margin over their opponents (har har).

To get you up to speed, here are some noteworthy highlights so far.

Much to my own chagrin, the folks who created the bracket match ups managed to pit Grumpy Cat against Colonel Meow. You may recall my mention of this a few weeks back, and I still don’t understand how anyone could choose a favorite between these two cats. I still voted for Grumpy Cat because she was losing, and sadly she did lose. 

Alaska’s Mayor cat Stubbs was pitted against the Brit Downing Street cat, Larry — we introduced you to both of them a few weeks back — and while Americat Stubbs pulled ahead in that round, he lost horribly in the next to the menacing-looking Colonel Meow. 

The Interwebs also were all abuzz earlier this week when LIL BUB was being verbally beat down by Colonel Meow’s minion army. But sweet BUB still managed to make it to the Final Four. Sorry Colonel Meow. 

Luna the Fashion Kitty beat out Venus the Chimera cat in the first round, and also won her second matchup against a lesser-known cat — though she wasn’t well-known enough by the masses to beat up YouTube king Maru

The first two felines who will go head-to-head against some yet-to-be-determined opponents are LIL BUB and Maru. Maru will either face Henri, le Chat Noir (currently ahead) or Shironeko. LIL BUB will face off with Keyboard Cat or Simon’s Cat (currently ahead), an animated British cartoon cat. 

Personally, I think LIL BUB has a pretty good shot at winning. But should she face off against Maru, who has a huge global following, things could get feisty. Stay tuned to find out the winner next week if you’re not following this showdown as closely as we are here at CAT FRIDAY!