MORNING BRIEFING: Troubled IMAX, Crazy Valley, Pope on Twitter!


In its fourth straight year of losing cash, Spokane's 34-year-old IMAX Theater could be facing the end of its days. (SR)

The Valley got cray-zay yesterday! After being robbed, a Spokane Valley man was also hogtied by a pair of of masked men with a gun. AND a lady plowed into a Valley duplex yesterday before driving away. AND two youngsters were hit by a car.

An EWU football player is named as an All-American! I have no idea what this means!  (SR)


The Pope gets Twitter! Has not tweeted! Still has 387,768 followers! What will he tweet first?? A message from God? A photo of his breakfast? (Reuters)

Fire up your conspiracy engines: the US denies that a drone "caught" in Iran was American. (ABC)

The beginning of the longest nine months of your life starts now! Prince William and Kate Middleton have got a bun in the oven! (CBS)