Blue Recycle Buckets

Really big jeers to the City of Spokane for notifying residents that they
could keep their blue recycle buckets AFTER you had already picked them up.
When I called to ask for one back because I wanted to use it in my kitchen
to hold recyclables to take the alley, I was told they had all been crushed
and recycled and that there were no more (yet another waste of taxpayer
dollars as they could have probably been sold for a buck or two to people
who wanted them). So now I have no place to store stuff without making
daily trips to the alley to the big blue monster. So, I'll be damned if I'm
going to recycle anything when you make it this hard by appropriating my
blue bucket which I could have used in the kitchen or on the deck. And it
wasn't even sitting next to the big grey monster so you had to go out of
your way to take it. Two thumbs down to you, City of Spokane. You can just
shift through all of my trash from the big grey monster because there isn't
going to be anything in the blue one, not now, not ever.