Rock anthem in the park

It's weird little things like this that make our Wednesdays. While we're not sure what their interest in music — specifically local music — is, the Credit Unions of Washington (a collective of 121 credit unions across the state) are assembling a 121-person orchestra (a member for each bank?) to perform an original rock anthem later this month in Riverfront Park. You don't have to be in a band or anything like that to be a part of it. You just have to audition on Saturday, Sept. 11 (and you also need to sign up to audition on their website) at Riverfront Park. Acoustic guitarists, hand drummers and background singers are of particular interest, but it sounds like anyone can come out for tryouts. 

The performance with the full 121-person orchestra will take place at Riverfront Park on Tuesday, Sept. 21. We'll post details as we get them.

This year's orchestra follows another large scale project by the Credit Unions of Washington. Last year, the organization threw Kites Over Washington, a beautiful exhibition of kites at Gasworks Park in Seattle. There's a video below.

We're not sure what kites and rock orchestras have to do with banking at a credit union... but whatever.