Karan Casey out, Susan McKeown in

Celtic Music Spokane has had a rough go lately. Back in April, they planned to throw a show featuring acclaimed Scottish musician Dougie Maclean. But that one got canned last minute when Maclean was grounded due to the eruption of the volcano at Eyjafjallajökull. And while they aren't canceling the Karan Casey/John Doyle event this Saturday (which we wrote about this week), they are modifying the lineup.

Casey won't be attending due to a health emergency in her family. Instead, Susan McKeown, a Celtic singer who's gained as much praise as Casey, will take over on the mic. She's been featured in Rolling Stone, on National Public Radio and, like Casey, has taken home a Grammy Award. So not a shabby stand-in at all. You can purchase tickets for the event at www.ticketswest.com or by calling 768-5582.

Check out the video of McKeown below.