Quiz becomes Therian Doors. (Free download!)

Kay Clifton is usually just Quiz. That's how he's known in our pages, at least. He's one half of Cheap Meat Suits and Gun of the Sun, and a longtime affiliate of Bad Penmanship — Spokane's local hip-hop collective. His style is downtrodden. His lyrics are reflective. And he's always making new music. (See our story about him here and watch the video below).

Quiz emailed us about his new project, Therian Doors, last week. And — no surprise — it's totally bad-ass. As Therian Doors, Quiz is exploring his chops as a producer. This stuff — made over the last six months — is all instrumental, full of heavy beats and psychedelic meanderings. And you can download it for free here. I highly recommend that you give it a whirl. Quiz says not to worry: There's no way he's getting out of hip-hop — this is just an effort to explore other sides of his musical personality. Awesome.