THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC: Yo Gabba! 3OH!3! Danzig!


The coolest kids show ever brings its live show to town tonight! Yo Gabba Gabba! (which we wrote all about here) fuses indie rock with spacey, old-school design and hilarious celebrity cameos (check out videos of Elijah Wood online teaching his dance, "The Puppetmaster"). It sounds like a Flaming Lips concert for kids. Check out the YGG! crew (including the real DJ Lance Rock! Eeee!) tonight at INB Performing Arts Center at 7 pm. $20 - $45. All-ages (duh).

Things get steamy tonight at Aclub with Hot Club of Spokane — a local jazzy/swingy/folky group. 9 pm. $7. Gotta be 21.


There's nothing else that Spokane Valley-bred band Arcadia is Burning (who we profiled this week) wants more than to be your new favorite band. Check out their show for a variety of alternative/jazz/heartwarming ballads/witty stage banter tomorrow at the Cretin Hop. They play with Top Soil, Siege of Cranes, Bunkdoozy and Three Years. 6 pm. $5. All-ages.

You're gonna have to pay off a bouncer or do something illegal to get into 3OH!3's sold out show tomorrow night at the Knit. I had no idea who these kids were, but check out the song below. You've heard it a million times — but how? HOW DO I KNOW THE WORDS?! "Shoosh girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips." Get out of my head! 7 pm. Sold out. All-ages.


There's no way you didn't love the Refreshments. You had to. They were awesome. When that catchy band fizzled, frontman Roger Clyne started a new band: the Peacemakers. They'll be back to play the 'Kan on Sunday night at Aclub with Silver Treason. And they sound a hell of a lot like the Refreshments — check it out in the video below. 7 pm. $12. All-ages.

And last but SO NOT LEAST: sweet, sweet Glenn Danzig brings his crazy mesh shirts and snarling lips to town on Sunday. What could be more devilish? Going to pray at the alter of Danzig? On a SUNDAY? You sinner. He plays with Possessed and Marduk at the Knitting Factory. 6:30 pm. $25 - $28. All-ages.