We love all-agers: March 22-28 shows

In case you missed last week's blog, we're making an effort each week to look out for all-ages show-goers in our pages. You'll see fancy blue stars next to a bunch of shows in our Sound Advice listings: those are ones that music fans of any age can attend. The all-ages shows this week are:

Thursday, March 22
A Club, KYRS Benefit featuring Terrible Buttons, Lexie Jane

The Hop!, To the Wind, Under Cities, A Pyrrhic Victory, Storm the Hillside,  Destined to Prevail, Deviance

Laguna Cafe, Just Plain Darin

Saranac Public House, Jimmy Nuge, the Fail Safe Project, Tim Valentine, Ryan Gunion, Ben Dordon

Friday, March 23

The Hop!, Concrete Grip, Damn the Sun, the Ongoing Concept, A Year Today, Rock in Paradise, 7 Gods of Chaos

Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center, Leslie Ann Grove

Knitting Factory, Matt Nathanson, Tyrone Wells

Second Space Art Gallery, The Incandescent

Spokane Club, Cami Bradley (who is featured in this week's Inlander), Horse Thieves

Saturday, March 24

The Hop!, Arsenic Addiction, Theodius, Odyssey, Morbid Inc., Thick, Reign of Ashes

Knitting Factory, Omarion, Verse Simmonds, MC Majic

Stix Bar and Grill, Nate Ghering

Sunday, March 25

The Hop!, Idols, Burning Twilight, Among Thieves, What Wings Once Held, All Starts Here

Monday, March 26

Calypso's Coffee (CdA), Open mic

The Hop!, PDP, Red Seas Rise, Vial 8

Tuesday, March 27

The Hop!, The Camorra, West of Wasteland, The Monroe Divide, First Year Acoustics

Wednesday, March 28

The Hop!, Mastamind of Natas, Kagah, Bobby Sick, Scum, Zmellz One

Luxe Coffeehouse, Dennis Smith

And, as always, if we missed something, email me at music@inlander.com.