I Saw You

Week of April 29


Yes, you deserve more: To any woman reading this, please do not accept any type of violence in your relationship. Get out NOW! Get help. Take your children, take your pets and get out. Reach out to the YWCA for help. Save yourself and save your children. After 55 years, I still see the images of my father chasing my mother with a cast iron skillet. Please, there are people who will help you — please reach out.

What's up, Doc? To the tall, fit doctor outside the Rockwood building across from the Worksource building last Monday 4-19-21. I just wanted to say "Hi" I'm sorry I nearly passed out when I saw you; you are just so handsome. I was the woman with a maroon Plymouth dressed up for an interview. I hope you have a good day.


Princess Not So Bright: Time and place: April 19th early afternoon STCU near 29th and Grand, ATM lane. Hey, Princess Not So Bright in the older minivan, here is some ABC type news for you. A: Even sort of intelligent people don't tailgate in ATM lanes, especially with a blind corner at the exit. B: Honking will not make me go faster; unlike you, I have a vehicle that is worth insuring. C: I hope you are not an actual teacher; woe to your students if so. 

A loss for our dear children: To the neighbor in the Jefferson/Manito neighborhood that reported that the crossing guard had a small child with her. This lady has been helping the kids crossing the streets, keeping them safe, and talking to both parents and kids for three years. I have seen this woman being an excellent role model for our kids. Today... a neighbor informed the school that a kid was with his grandma. We have seen this precious child with the crossing guard since he was in a stroller. No controversy... until today. Will this be her last day? I hope not. This is unconscionable. Let her remain as our crossing guard.

It's the criminals, stupid: Gun-grabbers: Criminals have never, and will never, obey the law. Period! Which is why "gun control" measures are worse than useless. They do nothing to make the public safer, while disarming law-abiding citizens makes things worse. "When seconds count, police are minutes away" is truer now than ever, if you even have a viable police force (which certain entities are trying hard to eliminate completely). The God-given right to self-defense against the evil, the career criminal, the anarchists, and an oppressive government was enshrined in our Constitution for a reason and should be protected, not constantly assaulted. And if you look at the recent record of criminal shootings, how many times was the perpetrator known to be dangerous? Almost always. The takeaway: Government cannot, or will not, protect you. Why do you think gun sales soared during the last year? Confiscation or prohibition isn't the answer. History is replete with the murderous results of totalitarian rule over a disarmed population: Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, and on and on. Witness also the relentless narco-terror present in modern-day Mexico, Venezuela and Honduras. And while a shooting involving 4, 6, 8 or more victims (and EVERY every lost life a tragedy) is a heinous act, that's but a quiet weekend in places like Chicago, New York, Detroit, Baltimore, or Washington, D.C. What do those cities have in common? You'll figure it out.

Shame on YOU! Jeers to the green-shirted man who was jogging on Summit Parkway near Kendall Yards on Monday evening. How DARE YOU say "Why are you wearing a mask, do not be ashamed!" Excuse me? Why would you think I am ashamed? Second of all, you do not have the right to judge me for protecting myself and performing my civil duty to wear a mask, indoors or outdoors. You do not know my situation and why I am wearing one: SHAME on you for making a snap judgment! Do you treat your family that way? Furthermore, you do not have the constitutional right to harass me or my spouse when we were minding our own business and had a pleasant day until you ruined it. Shame on you, shame on you for however many people you jog by and tell that to. Be careful, because the wrong person will put you on the right side of the street and you'll be wondering what happened.

DownRiver disk golf: Once again the DownRiver disc golf course looks like a dump site!!!! Once again there is a public hearing .....I work 9-5 so I cant attend. My beef is why provide upgrades when the public cant maintain what is given for free? Plus while typing this, I'm looking at an RV that has trash wrapped all around it!!! Why should taxpayers pay for this mess? ... Why upgrade?

Dog parks are for dogs: I saw you at the dog park... When you brought a tiny baby in a pack on your chest to a dog park. HAVE YOU SEEN a herd of running dogs slam into a person from behind or the side? When you brought two huge dogs weighing at least 100 pounds each. One was immediately aggressive with multiple dogs. You refused to put it in your car until you could catch the second one. When you did leave, a man had to leash your second dog and walk it out because you could not manage both dogs. Let your dog out of the car without a leash, and it jumped on a truck. HAVE YOU SEEN scratches in car paint? Won't admit that your nice retriever is often the one who starts fights. HAVE YOU HEARD about the one whose neck was bleeding by the time it got home? Brought three young children on razor scooters into the dog park. HAVE YOU SEEN dogs attack wheelbarrows, bikes, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, car tires? Let a child bring her Happy Meal into the dog park and run around holding it over her head, unintentionally teasing a bunch of big dogs taller than her. HAVE YOU SEEN half a dozen shouting adults trying to separate half a dozen big dogs to get to the fight in the middle? Brought a tiny puppy, let it wander far away from you, got mad at the big dogs whose rough curiosity terrified it, got mad at a woman who picked up your scared puppy. HAVE YOU SEEN how rough the big dogs are when they play? Let your toddler run away from you? HAVE YOU SEEN the herding dogs chasing and nipping at other dogs? SERIOUSLY, no one wants your baby or toddler or scooter-riding kid or tiny puppy to get hurt. That's why we don't let our dogs run in the neighborhoods. That's why we don't let them off their leashes at non-dog-park parks. Non-dog-park parks are for kids; dog parks are for dogs. PLEASE take babies, toddlers, strollers, scooter-riders and puppies to parks where the dogs are leashed and cannot accidentally hurt them. We like kids and puppies. PLEASE remove dogs in bad moods from the park immediately and try again later. They are good dogs in bad moods. PLEASE keep them on the leash until they get inside the first gate. There is plenty of time to run inside. Off-leash parks are for dogs. They chase things. They want the food. They always want the food. Herding dogs nip. Groups of running dogs knock people over. Dogs sometimes get in fights. It sometimes takes time to separate them. They bite tires. They jump. They steal balls out of tiny hands. They bite tiny hands when playing tug of war. Some dogs have never been around children or strollers or bikes or scooters. Some dogs weigh more than 100 pounds. Dogs don't know they were naughty if they aren't put in timeout. Please don't set up our dogs to get in trouble or get hurt. Thanks. ♦