Courtesy Driving

I totally love and appreciate/respect the job the Spokane Police do, and
completely understand them wanting to be off their shift before the next
call comes in. My uncle was a police officer for over 30 years. Trust me, I
get it. However, I live pretty much on the corner of Gardner/Maple on the
East side, and the speed in which that corner is usually whipped around
during/about main shift changes are (at least in the last year I've been
here), frankly, dangerous. I as a civilian I am pretty sure would get an
infraction if I were to do the same thing. Bear in mind; this is not done
in any way strictly by the police. Many people do it. I would like to see
it stopped as a whole; I cross the street often to visit my older neighbor,
and always dart, even if the street is clear. Just some conscientiousness
and brakes, for three seconds. For the sake of people and kids and cats.
That's all I ask. Please? And thank you (really, thanks).