Suspicious Activity

To our bank for considering our Canadian hotel reservation "suspicious
activity" and locking down our account after we got to Nelson, BC. Bank
security called my wife, and she answered all their security questions, and
they assured her that everything was OK, but repeated attempts to use our
card were declined. After several very expensive phone calls to our bank,
we were told it was our fault for not telling them that we were going out
of the country, and that nothing could be done until we visit our branch on
Monday! We returned to Metaline Falls, and the card was still declined.
Fortunately a Subaru will go a lloooonnggg way on empty. We couldn't reach
a human being using the number on the card, so I had to use my smart phone
to get another number, at $15 a megabyte. Way to go! You aren't the bank
you used to be. We're outta there