Geek Girl Project geeks out

A couple weeks back, we wrote about The Geek Girl Project — the brainchild of a couple of local female nerds who were fed up with the sexism they were encountering in their geek-ly pursuits. They wondered, what if all female geeks had a place — online and in Spokane — where they could safely be nerdy without having their gender influence their geek-cred?

The organizers told The Inlander that they thought by giving a face to the females being harassed in online gaming and comic circles, the name-calling and girl-bashing might stop. And so they'll continue to photograph female and male geeks who support the causes at its upcoming events. 

Over a three-day weekend, the ladies hosted an event at the Comic Book Shop on Division, asking women to come in dressed as their favorite characters and hold signs proclaiming all of the comics and games and TV shows that they love. They took their photos, and posted them online. Co-organizer Heather Freeman says about 130 women came in to the event.

The group will host another event on Sun, Feb. 10 — a Walking Dead mid-season premiere party — at Pacific Avenue Pizza. The info and a whole bunch of photos are up on the group's Facebook page.