I'm Not Sorry

I call, you start yelling at me for disturbing you. I don't call or send
you texts, you shout that I don't care about you at all. For you everything
is about sex, not about spending time and loving me. You think that sex is
love. You can't see there is a huge difference between them. In the end, I
have my integrity. I did try with you. Even when I caught you out in the
lies that I sensed since the first time we talked, I tried to make it work.
All I asked was that you tell me the whole truth, but you're obviously
unable or unwilling to do that. I'm sorry that I've closed you off, but
you're not the person I fell for. What's more, you never were. If you were
going to sink our ship, then I was going to take you down with me. I feel
no remorse. One day you'll understand why I did the things I did, and
you'll thank me for it. It was never about you. You should stop being
paranoid, because none of -anything- is about you. Be free. If I ever hurt
you, I'm sorry, but I just wish you'd stop jumping to unfounded conclusions
about me and my actions. You're making me feel like a horrible person, but
I've done nothing wrong. I had a feeling you were going to do this to me,
even months in advance. And also you're allowed to be angry, but I'm not
supposed to have different emotions? The fact that you're still thinking
about me is worrisome. I dated a sociopath.