RE: Slow Drivers

Concerning the people writting in about slow winter drivers, when it snows
or is icey what do they say "drive for conditions", that means slow down! I
have noticed that out of the 14 wrecks I've seen, it wasn't the slow
drivers in them, it was the creep going way to fast, who had 4 wheel drive
or what ever. You are the ones in the slide-offs, rollovers ect. I always
want to stop when I see you in your accident and tell you that you should
have slowed down. They always say when reporting these accident that speed
was a factor, so don't put us down for driving slow, we are not in the
ditch..YOU ARE. Get up earier if you need to be at work, don't wait till
the last minute and stay off our backends 'cause I personally will drive
slower, just because or you can buy my next car for me! A**Hole...