MORNING BRIEFING: Sequester cuts, country club discrimination and police told to give back the pot


A body was found in east Spokane, near Helena and Pacific. Police are investigating. (KHQ and SPD)

A jury ruled that the Spokane Country Club should pay more than $500,000 for discriminating against four female members. Their lawyer argued that the club reserved the best tee times for men, among other things. (S-R

One of the people arrested in the multi-state DEA raids yesterday is reportedly an owner of the Flamin’ Joe’s restaurants in Spokane. (KXLY)

A judge ordered police to give back the marijuana seized from a Tacoma man last year. (Tacoma News Tribune)


Florida man swallowed by sinkhole while sleeping. (USA Today)

A man has been charged with murder after a gay, black mayoral candidate in Mississippi was found dead on Wednesday. (WaPo)

South African police officers will be charged with murder after dragging a man through the streets tied to a police truck. (Reuters)


Sequester spending cuts are just hours away. (NYT)

The Harlem Shake has spread to Middle East protests, and The New York Times breaks down its origins and evolution in a timeline. (NYT)