Worst Service Ever

March 10, we came for a birthday party. Bearded waiter rolled eyes as we
came in, told us to sit any where. When I was going over the wine list, my
wife tried to help and he cut her off, saying "We got this honey." And when
his selection was not up to my standards, it tasted old and moldy with a
hint of rind. I asked for a different selection, he said, "Whatever Sir"
tossed my drink in the sink and slammed the glass on the counter spilling
it on my hand. Hope you realize the tip we left was deserved. We hoped you
would be our new regular stop, but now we will never ever go there. Not
only was the service horrid, it also ruined a great evening. I sent a note
to you telling about it, no response. I don't know why I am surprised. I
thought maybe you would want to stay in business, but word will spread fast.