Try, I Must!

To all the ships at sea, to all the ports of call; I must confess I have
been extremely selfish and as the addict I am it was easy. As time passes
and sobriety becomes the condition rather than the exception; memories of
the past flood my twisted mind and regret is what soon follows. Making
amends seems like a weak, usless, attempt at fixing what I "self" have
destroyed! Try I must! Finally, I will put forth the effort to show change,
not talk about change. Point: "Words don't mean a thing unless we can prove
their worth"; Last,and most important thought is: Here is hoping "To the
man I hurt and his family, please stick around and find out if I have
learned anything, please don't give up on me yet! Not yet my fox love is an
action word and I'm wanting to show you; you haven't wasted your last 6
months. All my Heart and thank you to you and your family for going through
what you have, for as long as ya'll have. Love and respect from a repentent
heart from the south.