Thank You! Thank You!

to the trucker that stopped when the little red car was pulling out of Jack
in the Box on Division on Mothers Day! I looked left and thought all the
cars were stopped at the light. Maybe you were turning while I was looking
the other way, I honestly don't know. All I know is I let go of the brake a
bit and was sticking out in the road when I saw you. Absolutely terrified,
thought I was going to die, I tried to flip it in reverse as quick as I
could - thank you so much for paying attention. I bet I scared you just as
bad! I'm so sorry. I have been feeling ill, maybe I shouldn't have been
driving. I just wanted jalapenos! Thank you also to the man walking by who
asked if I was ok while I was sitting there trying to calm down enough to
drive away - it made me feel better to know someone cared. I feel so lucky
to be home safe.