Slow Down

I live on a relatively busy street in the Valley & I have a gravel driveway (pshaw!). I must apologize to Miss white Lexus SUV for being so inconsiderate as to slow down before pulling into my driveway! I'm sure that 5 extra seconds,   must have been made you late to a girl's martini night to rehash your shopping expeditions! I truly hope you didn't hurt yourself craning your neck & grimacing at me! I'm sure your yoga instructor & a good deal of botox can help! Next time I'll swerve into my driveway at 35 MPH so you don't have to slow down! It's SUPER easy to stop at that speed on gravel! I guess I just hope all that bleach hasn't affected your coherence enough to know this is a residential area & there are children & pets everywhere. Alas, you have somewhere to be more important than myself! Just know I apologize profusely for driving in a safe & sane manner. Next time I'll be as beligerent as you!