I Saw A Change In Me

I don't recognize. I've spent my whole life living for other people, now I live for me. It's not a bad thing, just different. I've always had to be careful about what I said or how I acted. With you I can be me. I can be that super passionate, mostly random, really open minded, never judgmental, always thoughtful, partly crazy, & over the top needy person I really am. Not only do you not get bothered by it or run from it, you love it, & love me for being that way. I can't tell you how incredible that makes me feel, to be myself & never have to worry about what I say or do. You make me feel alive like never before. I hope you can see that. All I can do now is hope that you know that this is real, I am for real. I'm not just saying this, I truly believe it. M- Cast away your fears, throw out your reservations & trust in me; believe in me. I am worth it. I won't ever let you down. I won't ever let you fall! I will always be there for you, ALWAYS! Forever yours, me