Wolf Whiners

Hunters are the biggest whiners on the planet. I know. I'm a hunter, 30 years.  We whine about everything; weather, other hunters, steep terrain, blah-blah.  But I am really sick of lazy-ass wolf whining hunters who can't get off ATV's, saddles & truck seats to find that dispite the wolf's comeback, the elk are still there & growing in populations in most areas. Most of us hunters are lazy & large; 80% of us can't even get off the roads! Fair chase? Hardly!  We humans take 200,000 elk in this country a year & yet we can't give up 5%, mostly sick elk, to the predators? Are we so selfish to think that we should have all the elk to ourselves? Learn something; Predators are actually really important to the health of our ungulate herds, wolves included. This is Biology 101.  Mother Natures dogs & cats scatter the elk putting them in more places which actually makes hunting better! Hunters who whine are pathetic. Get a life, get off you freakin' rear ends & get yourself an elk. Or just go home so I can get my elk in peace.