Bus Accident

Major Jeers to the driver of the SUV that ran the stop sign at the bottom of Lincoln & caused an accident with the #2 medical shuttle bus. I was on that bus. He blew the stop sign right in front of the driver & she couldn't stop in time. She slammed on the brakes which sent everyone flying forward, then there was the force of the impact with the SUV which sent everyone backwards. 2 people had to be taken to the hospital all because this person couldn't wait for us to pass. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE A BUS THAT IS LESS THAN HALF A BLOCK AWAY! I don't know about the rest of the people that were on that bus, but I can tell you, I was finding all kinds of sore spots on my body by the time I got home. I also want to say a MAJOR CHEERS to the driver of the bus, the first, second & third things out of her mouth were OH MY GOD, IS EVERYONE OK? When she finally got us to the plaza, after all that mess, she apoligized to all of us because we didn't make our connections. She had no reason to apoligize because it wasn't her fault. I really hope that the moron that did this gets a hefty fine for not yeilding to a bus & has to eat the bills from the two people that had to go to the hospital.