Brain Cells?

To Lady, 3rd trimester pregnant @ bar last night. Didn't look it, didn't bother to tell the bartender, and drank herself stupid; Glad to see you're happy about your 3 shots & 2 pitcher's worth of beer. Hope even more so excited about consequences your child will have to live with, and that you will have to live with while raising it. Size 7 jeans @ 33 weeks tells me - it will be lucky to have even a fighting chance at a healthy start. Your own brain cells? One thing. Those of a helpless creature whom depends on you completely? Vastly different. Flip us off all you want after the word gets out, you've been cut off, and we're all giving you dirty looks. If any of us could have got your information, we would have called CPS, ASAP. Note; if I ever see you again, I will. It should be not only prayed for; but rescued from your womb, and you should be shot. PS - Thanks for putting not only my favorite hangout, but my friend's jobs, at risk. That is all.