Mocha Grande

My friends & I have been supporting your business for at least 3 years. As a matter of fact we are daily customers. The workers there are quite friendly & I love them but I guess you could say there is a bad apple. When I spend five dollars on one drink I think that that drink should come with a free smile. My drink should be the correct temperature & taste good. Tips are not an entitlement & if you would like a tip, then your service should grant one. I love your coffee stand for the most part, but it should be a pleasurable experience & make you want to come back. So stop glaring at me, stop changing the price on my drink, make my drink correctly & get some customer service skills. Then maybe I will consider leaving you a tip! If you value your customers show them by being kind & friendly. No one is forcing you to stay employed, if you're that miserable, find something that you enjoy doing!