Car Battery Thieves

A huge jeers to the mean & greedy parasite(s) that came into my garage during the night of Feb. 23-24, 2011 & stole my new Costco premium car battery out of my locked car. You were even nasty enough to take the bracket with the battery. That battery was paid for with money that I worked very hard to earn. I have been unemployed since Aug. of 2010, & the hardship you have caused on my already difficult life was enormous. I worked 14-16 hours each day on the job that I lost. I have been doing without heat & many basic necessities because without a job it is difficult to pay the bills. In order to continue my diligent search for work, I need a car. The cost of replacing the battery that you stole just means that I will have less to eat for many months or until I can find a job. The police, the recycling centers, & the companies that pay for used batteries (even though the one you took was fairly new) have all been notified. From the tracks you left in the snow, it is known which direction you came from to enter my garage. So, I am certain I know who you are, but I just cannot prove it. I hope you get caught before you can cause this type of hardship on someone else. At least do the right & honorable thing & reimburse me for the $158 that it took me to replace my new battery & to get my car running so that I can keep looking for work. You know the address, just tape it to the door of the garage or send it in the mail.