Re: Bambi

Seriously I am just totally shocked. The nerve that you would not only put a jeers on a deer but be so audacious. You really are going to sit there & blame a deer for your accident? Seriously I know that humans are the most over populated species on the world but the world doesn't revolve around you & your bike. Accidents happen & to sit there & blame an animal for popping out in an area where he probably spends more time than you do is just ridiculous. I'm sorry you were hurt so badly, but if you're willing to blame an animal who doesn't have the comprehension that a complex human does, then you probably blame others for every problematic situation you encounter. Maybe you were speeding way too fast for weather/road conditions, missed that deer crossing sign or failed to think that other species outside of your own world exist, but this here is Washington, not New York so you better get used to the wildlife or leave cause they aren't going anywhere & a deer was a lot smaller than a moose or elk which would have killed you. Maybe you should thank God you're alive after such an accident instead of sitting there hating an animal over something that might have or might not have been prevented by yourself. The fact that you're blaming a deer makes me think that you were the cause of the accident.