Best of the Inland Northwest 2011

By the Numbers

2,109 Number of ballots we counted for this issue — and those are just the ones from voters who answered the required minimum 50 questions. Overall, online and by mail, we received 2,881 ballots this year — the most ever.

1994 The year we published our first Best of the Inland Northwest issue, with 12 black-and-white pages of results. Today, the region’s original readers poll fills 64 full-color pages, with more than 100 questions in seven categories.

1,078 Most votes received by any winner this year, for Auntie’s Bookstore in Shopping.

16 Number of different ways KXLY-TV’s Kalae Chock had her name misspelled by voters this year under Best Anchor in People.

9 Number of Casanovas who wrote “My Basement” for Best Dance Club in Nightlife.

4 Number of cabin-fevered parents who voted for “Anyplace Outside” as the Best Destination for Kids Fun in KIDS AND family.

2 Number of comedians who zinged back “Spokane Potholes” when we asked for the Best Lake, River or Stream to Fish in GREAT Outdoors.

1 Lone person to vote for “Elf Fest” as Best Free Festival in Arts. (Elkfest, with a “k,” took second place for Best Free Festival, but pour us a glass of whatever he’s drinking.)

0 Number of votes separating Craven’s Coffee and Thomas Hammer in the Best Coffee Roaster category in food and drink. In 2008, Thomas Hammer won the category; in 2010, Craven’s won. In 2009 and again here in 2011, after double- and triple-checking the tallies, the local roasters tied for First Place.

PHOTOGRAPHERS Amy Hunter, Young Kwak, Joe Pflueger, Carrie Scozzaro, Loretta Surma, Anna Vodicka, Craig Sweat
WRITERS Luke Baumgarten, Michael Bowen, Jon Brown, Jordy Byrd, Nicholas Deshais, Chelsea Finger, Jacob H. Fries, Tiffany Harms, Kirsten Harrington, Aaron Mahan, Tamara McGregor, Ted S. McGregor, Jr., Carrie Scozzaro, Joel Smith, Leah Sottile, Howie Stalwick, Kevin Taylor, Daniel Walters, Anna Vodicka
BALLOTING Brett Anderson