I Saw You

Week of May 13


CO Freddy: To all those years ago you took my breath away and you don't even know how much I still think of you ;) I wish I had my life together to actually have a chance with you <3 truth is I'm still trying to find my grounds since my identity felt so miserably taken. I had some bumps on the road (yes, you would know), but you were there to make me smile and take my mind off things. I should have taken the chance when I had it. The truth is I wouldn't know what to do with a guy like you, and I am a #screwup #gettingoverthatlife #2ndtime #embarassed. If you actually read this I don't expect a response back, but I just have to put this out there. My feelings for you are never going anywhere.


You made my day: I believe it was the morning of Tuesday, May 4. I was behind you in line at the North Wild coffee stand in Suncrest. I pulled up to the window and was surprised to find out you bought my coffee! You were driving a white SUV and you made my day! I sincerely appreciate your kindness, especially in the challenging year we have all had. Thank you so much!!

Thank you! I lost my car keys off my back bumper a few weeks ago somewhere between the Hays Park area and the dump off Sullivan, THANK YOU!! very much to whoever turned them into Planet Fitness. Jim & Lisa

To the great Ideal Options: I need to express how thankful I am every week to be seen here. The staff feels like home, and the whole experience adds some wholesome to my day. The staff here are really genuine and down to earth, and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you! #Destiny

Cheers to the Magic Lantern Theatre: Had a wonderful evening watching "The Paper Tigers" at the Magic Lantern Theatre! We loved the movie and are so happy they have (safely) reopened.

Thanks for the compliment! Cheers to the young woman walking into Northtown last week who complimented me on my look and my hair. You made my day!

Raise your Dale-faced glass: It's time to raise our glasses to the man that filled them and whose face graces the pint glass in your cupboard. Cheers. To Dale's Brownes Addition, where I discovered my family, partying on a porch in the summer heat, the autumn chill, the winter cold, and the spring rain. To the Elk, El Que, la Trattoria, Pac Ave, Caffe Capri, and Brownes Tavern, which were, all at once, everything I didn't know I needed. To the Swamp. To Dale. For the late-night chats that ran into the morning. For the promises of a better tomorrow, and an always familiar face in the wild storm this world can bring. For Dale's river dreams, and all those bangin' Trump jokes. For the ones we've lost along the way, those that lost us, and the gems we've kept close. For every friendship that became the family we created for ourselves. Cheers. To Dale. For reminding us that tomorrow isn't promised, that love, loyalty, and friendship transcend even the darkest moments. This one is for you Dale. Cheers.

Returned wallet: Cheers to you for being an honest Man and returning a billfold to its owner. We were at a park on N. Standard, and my son dropped his billfold, and when you heard his name on the playground, you verified the ID and returned it. Thank you so very much! You are an awesome Dad setting the standard and doing the right thing. Bless you!


Jeers to Spokane Public Schools' board: For choosing to build new Albi downtown against voters. Will never support school bonds again. Want to improve Spokane, bring back Nat Park.

Why no java in downtown bars? Jeers to every downtown bar in Spokane not serving coffee OR lacking a working coffee pot period. Owners who are old enough remember a little show called Cheers! ?? Main man Sam Malone was a bar owner AND recovering alcoholic, always had a cup of joe in hand. I'm a light drinker often tasked with being the designated driver, and I have to say not one establishment has said yes when I ask for coffee at a bar. Seriously, nondrinking patrons should have more choices than water and Diet Coke to stay awake and sober. What will cost you less than 30 bucks at a Wal-Mart is worth investing, even less if you want to skip the hardware and just use instant coffee. (I'm not picky!) Just saying, it used to be the norm and makes no sense now that it's not even a choice.

Predator in disguise: You, are a true example of the wolf in sheep's clothing. Women never owe you anything, and to take advantage of a vulnerable moment is deplorable to say the least. I hope you find the inner love and peace that keeps you from following the predators path. For a moment, I saw a stranger helping me in an awful and emotional predicament, demonstrating kindness and compassion, almost a "cheers" moment as you displayed an act of pure selflessness to help a stranger out of a situation that they put themselves in. My faith in humanity was restored when you were so kind to embark this selfless endeavor. I faced the music in my embarrassment and shame, and offered any way to extend my gratitude and appreciation for your selfless act. To which you looked me dead in the eye, and without hesitation, replied, "I'm sorry to be so bold, but could I get a blowjob?" directly taking advantage of my vulnerability reminiscing a situation of "well you owe me something." You have no idea the trauma you unlocked, by seizing a moment of vulnerability and perpetuating a culture in which debts aught to be repaid in sexual favors by women. I am a women (a stranger to you) who had nothing but gratitude in a situation you had no obligation of responding to, and you're a predator, praying on the vulnerability of women. I don't know how they do things where you're from, but here, in Spokane, we are a community of friends and family, neighbors who have each other's backs. You must not have lived here yet when several women boldly revealed their abusers, perhaps you should do some research into where you live now, we don't take kindly to predators.

Jerk at CDA skatepark: To the adult skater who screamed "get off the f***ing dorito" at a bunch of young kids skating at the CDA skatepark Saturday May 1st, its people like you who ruin going to the skatepark for everyone else. I use the word "adult" loosely since the little kids you screamed and cursed at are much more mature then you. Only cowards feel good about treating kids like that, and u seemed pretty pleased with yourself after scaring them. You don't own the public skatepark, everyone doesn't have to get out of your way. I watched all the kids being respectful to each other, taking turns, and patiently waiting for a clearing to go... then there's you acting like an impatient immature donkey to a bunch of children. Grow up and skate at home if you can't be considerate to others. Or maybe act like a man, and set a good example for young skaters around you instead.

Public safety: I grew up in Spokane. I remember taking the bus all over this town at all times of day and night. From age 12 and on. I never had much of a problem with anyone harassing me. My daughter was physically grabbed by a man at the STA bus plaza tonight around 8 pm while waiting for her bus to arrive after seeing a movie (the first she has been able to see in quite a while because of COVID). It happened on STA property, where there is how many police and security guards? Luckily my daughter had mace in her purse and sprayed the POS in the face. What is this city becoming? Not safe — that's what. ♦