MORNING HEADLINES: IcyHot and vanishing crude oil

Life, no parole After a jury convicted him of a double murder, Justin Crenshaw, 22, is heading to prison for a very long time. More than two years ago, Crenshaw murdered Sarah Clark, 18, and Tanner Pehl, 20. His defense tried to convince jurors he had a rare disease that explained his actions, but the prosecution apparently had a more convincing explanation. "He lacks a conscience," said Deputy Prosecutor Jack Driscoll. (SR)

Lesson: Don't cook cotton Spokane Valley firefighters responded to two completely different calls last night for one reason: towels in the microwave. The first was extinguished in the sink by the resident. The second caused the deck, kitchen and attic to burn. Here's to IcyHot. (KXLY)

Anti-fluoride = flat earth theory If you don't want to drink fluoride, it's because you're a moron, says the Spokesman. Take your medicine and be quiet. (SR)

The disappearing oil trick Signs on the water's surface of the three-month oil spill in the Gulf are quickly disappearing, officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said yesterday. Which is nice, but authorities warned that when millions of gallons of crude get pumped into a body of water, consequences are sure to be significant. (Washington Post)