MORNING HEADLINES: Fox, crazy like a fox

Vote Fox! The ballots are in the mail, and any coverage is good coverage, right candidates? Not this kind. David Fox, one of a handful of people challenging U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, made headlines again today after calling police and accusing another man of assault. Apparently Fox, who moved from Port Angeles to run for Congress, was making unwanted sexual advances toward the man. "I just hit him, I went crazy," the man told police. Today's article also tells how Fox has skipped out on a restaurant bill in the few short weeks he's "lived" here. Fox has been in the news before, as reported earlier in The Inlander. It's just too much to print here. But, really, you've got to read it... (SR)

Lawyers have ethics rules? Judges in Stevens County have asked the Washington State Bar Association to look into possible improper compensation for the county prosecutor, Tim Rasmussen. The complaint alleges that Rasmussen's charity accepted gifts from criminal defense attorneys who "might wish to achieve a more favorable result in a criminal case pending in Stevens County." What's the asking price on that? O.B.O.?(KREM)

We're all "brothers" — even women! Reporting on the Post Falls mini-Sturgis event (a motorcycle rally of sorts), the Coeur d'Alene Press gets all biker on us today by saying we're all "brothers." Hm. I think I'd rather be a "Sister Christian" or something. (CdA Press)

And, for lighter reading, no reading at all! Today, the New York Times put up a slideshow of some of the strange things confiscated at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in the Big Apple. Things like a bird corpse, an army of bongs, a pitcher of salami and oxalis tuberosa. Yay! (NYT)