MORNING HEADLINES: Rockets' red glare, bombs bursting in air

Patriotic bombing? Police removed a pipe bomb made of 4th of July sparklers from the grounds of the Bottoms Up tavern in the Valley last night. The bomb, which could have been deadly, appeared to have been thrown there. (KXLY)  

Ballot lite The Spokane City Council last night decided to place the Children's Investment Fund on the fall ballot but chose not to burden voters with more than a dozen small charter changes. (SR)

That's what that was Been wondering why the skies have been so hazy for the last two days? It's due to lightning-sparked wildfires in British Columbia. (KREM)

Kendall Yards coming together Twenty homes are under construction on the northern edge of the project, and 15 of those have already sold. (KXLY)

New brawling law in Seattle A new ordinance in Seattle allows police to ticket drunks who stumble out of bars at closing time and raise a ruckus. (Seattle Times)

Ground-zero mosque clears hurdle New York's Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously not to protect an older building where developers want to build a new, 15-story Muslim community center. The site is two blocks from the former World Trade Center buildings. (NYT)