Kendall Yards... oh so close

Biggish news out of last night's City Council meeting in Spokane, which was held at the North East Community Center.

"We approved the final platte [sic] for the first new residential buildings at Kendall Yards — which will [have] folks moving in soon," wrote Councilman Jon Snyder on his blog this morning.

Well, well, well. Spokane's newest neighborhood is that much closer to reality.

For you civically minded types, here's the exact ordinance that was approved last night:

ORD C34644

Changing the zone for property located on the south side of Bridge Avenue between Elm Street and Oak Street in the City and County of Spokane, State of Washington, by amending the Official Zoning Map to show a Planned Unit Development Overlay for said property (Kendall Yards PUD). (Applicant: North Gorge Residential Properties, LLC)