MORNING HEADLINES: Black helicopters and Jon Stewart

From R to D Vice chairman of the Spokane County Republican Party, Dave Stevens, announced via Facebook that he was voting for Frank Malone, the lone Democrat in the race for Spokane County prosecutor. Stevens, who was once a candidate for the race, initially said he’d support the Republican incumbent, Steve Tucker. (SR)

War in Idaho? A helicopter was fired upon last week near Clarkia, Idaho, while doing contract burning on privately held land. Which makes us think that Idaho crazies need better intelligence when deciding to take on black helicopters. (SR)

100-year memory Silver Valley’s Superfund site will be super-contaminated until you, me and everyone else is pretty much dead. Killer. (KREM) 

Jon Stewart hates CNN, too? After years of railing against Fox News, the venerable Daily Show host came out against CNN last night... on CNN. Ha! Wait. Where are we supposed to get our cable chatter from? (Atlantic Wire)