Man the spud guns, Idaho!

In this week's printed issue of The Inlander, we have a little item about Idaho being rated the deepest, reddest, most-Republican state in this here union after tossing Democratic Congressman Walt Minnick overboard after just one term, winning every statewide office for the GOP and reducing the Democrats to 20 seats out of 105 in the Legislature.

But, dear friends in the land of Esto Perpetua, it is not enough. Your 16-year reign as the Red King has ended.

Late-breaking results from early this week (and too late for our print deadline) show Wyoming is redder than Idaho.

The buckaroos in Wyoming tossed a Democratic governor and the GOP gained 12 seats in the state Legislature to come out with a rating of 84-percent Republican, besting Idaho's 81 percent. Crazy for a state that is nicknamed the Equality State, eh?

No word on whether Idaho Gov. Butch Otter is aiming the state's potato cannons eastward, or planning to lead a crack team of rodeo cowboys over the border. See Idaho's secret Potato Corps below: