Hours, contact set for petition to legalize marijuana

The local arm of Sensible Washington has firmed up hours, locations and contact information in the petition drive to legalize marijuana in the state.

The group, which is framing the debate as a repeal of prohibition on cannabis, has been collecting signatures for the past week for Initiative 1149, which would put the legalization question up to vote in the fall election. Backers must gather 241,153 valid signatures by July 8.

Local organizer David Bilsland says volunteers who wish to gather signatures — or who have completed forms to turn in — can gather at the street-level meeting rooms at the downtown branch of the Spokane Public Library every Wednesday from 10 am to 8 pm.

In our March 17 blog post, we printed an incorrect e-mail address for Bilsland. The correct e-mail address is bilabamboo@yahoo.com. Bilsland says there is also an information phone number, 509-703-0709.

Also, for more information, visit the Sensible Washington site.

"I was out Sunday and Monday and I ended up with 140 signatures those two days," Bilsland says. "That was just down at the STA Plaza. We'll start expanding outward as we get more people involved."