Buzz Bin

by Inlander Staff

Hoax or Haunted? -- It was one of those things that had more than a few of us here in the Bin scratching our heads and going, "Man... why didn't we think of that?" At first, eBay auction item 2931457201, "Ghost in a Jar," seemed like nothing more than an elaborate hoax. According to the story on eBay, some guy in Arkansas was out poking around an abandoned cemetery with his metal detector and ended up unearthing two glass jars with creepy symbols all over them, along with a journal. The journal disintegrated (wouldn't you know it), and the guy dropped one of the jars only to unleash what he refers to as "The Black Thing." Wanting to be free of unwanted paranormal influences (or routine financial problems, perhaps), the guy posted the remaining jar and some spooky photos on eBay. We spent most of Friday watching the bids go from $14,000 all the way to a closing bid of more than $50,000. The story isn't over -- apparently the closing bidder has no intention of paying, and eBay has removed the auction from its Web site. But there's a lot here that reminds us of the early stages of Blair Witch Project publicity a few years ago. Even if it's all made up, which it no doubt is, we dig the heebie jeebies the whole thing has induced. And if there's suddenly news of Ghost in a Jar: The Movie, we won't be the least bit surprised.

Talent Search -- It's not to late to start working on your cat's Spanish, or teaching the dog to impersonate Shania Twain. The national "People and Their Amazing Animals" talent search is once again coming to Sandpoint. Sponsored by Purina Mills dealers across the country, the talent show includes categories for "Animal/Owner Look-Alike," "Most Unusual Animal," "Cutest Animal" (for kids 12 and younger) and "Beyond Talent." Winners in this contest may have the opportunity to go on to the nationals, which last year featured such finalists as an automobile-driving dog, a bilingual parrot and a basket-shooting horse. The "People and Their Amazing Animals" search takes place at Carter Country Farm and Feed, 357 S. Olive Ave. in Sandpoint, on Saturday, June 28, from 1-2 pm. For more information, call (208) 263-8236.

Sneak Preview -- If you're a big baseball fan, be sure to tune into KSPS this Saturday, June 14, at 7 pm for Spokane Indians: A Century of Baseball. The documentary, produced by Jim Bolser and Robin Briley to commemorate the Indians' 100th anniversary, includes rare archival photographs, old Indians footage and interviews with Indians past and present. And if you miss it, don't worry, the video will be on sale after it airs.

Publication date: 06/12/03