More election-map gems

Last night at our Election 2011 page, we put together this fancy map showing precinct-by-precinct (preliminary) results for the big Spokane city races.

With just a few hours to go until the next big dump of results (the Spokane County elections office should release this batch around 6:00 tonight), we thought we'd look at a couple of the other races around town.

Here, for instance, is a precinct-by-precinct breakdown of the votes for the so-called "Spokane Bill of Rights," Proposition 1, which, as of press time, was down by a measly 15 points out of over 38,000 votes cast! Check out the breakdown. Precincts where the proposition is leading are in blue. Those where the proposition is failing are in red.

You might expect to see a clot of blue in the heart of the city, where voters tend to favor left-leaning causes and candidates. Instead, the blue stretches beyond the core and up through the northeast corner of the city. And the no votes creep deep into the heart of the city.

Proposition 1 fared far worse in Spokane Valley. Their Proposition 1, which would have raised property taxes to revert the Sprague and Appleway arterials back to two-way streets, was rejected in every one of the city's precincts (it was down 82 percent to 17 percent as of press time).

This map shows that rejection — the darker-red the precinct, the more soundly the proposition was defeated. (Note: The range here has been compressed to more clearly show the varying degrees of rejection. Even in the lightest-colored precincts, the proposition was rejected by around 70 percent.)

Stay tuned to our Election 2011 page for more maps after this evening's results are released.