MORNING BRIEFING: The Blackest Friday


Early yesterday morning, a couple of teenage girls ran into Didier's Yogurt & More with their mini-van before trying to leave the scene. In response to the incident, Didier's has drawn up plans to install a drive-thru. (KREM)

Occupy Spokane's new digs at Franklin Park are A-OK, says the city. Occupiers aren't allowed to stay in the park 24 hours a day, but that's cool, they say. They can go home for a little warm shut eye. (KREM) 

A memorial service for Brandon Lloyd Gray is being held today in Mullan, Idaho. Gray, 26 died after an incident at the Lucky Friday Mine last week. (SR)

Spokane City Council District 1 is losing its piece of downtown after a redistricting commission shifted district boundaries to even out the population in each. East Central is still divided, (SR)

Out There

For all the progressives out there grousing about how the world sucks, AlterNet has put together a list of things to be thankful for. For instance, the Occupy movement, Elizabeth Warren, the Nissan Leaf and more. So be quiet. (AlterNet) 

For most of you, yesterday consisted of eating 3,000 calories and falling into a carb-overload coma. The Daily Beast has some pointers on how to burn those calories off. Rake some leaves before the snow returns! (The Daily Beast) 

Finally, check out this timeline of Black Friday insanity, care of the Atlantic. It involves pepper spray, physical altercations and other holiday activities. (Atlantic Wire)

Finally, there's this, jackweed: