FICTION CONTEST 2011: Read the winning entries now

The winning entries from our (mostly) annual Short Fiction Contest will hit Inlander racks tomorrow, but you can read all of them — including four we didn't have space to print — online now. Check 'em out.

Fiction 2011

Her Daughter
Hanging on versus moving on
By Mari Hunt

The Debt Men
The closeness between designer jeans and hypodermic needles
By Shann Ray

A Good Investment
Debt versus investing, as regards fleas
By David Skies

Don's Baby
The practical matter of resurrection
By J.P. Vallieres

Coffee and Toast
Rethinking charity cases
By Rick Boal

The Winter with Cowboy and the Mongrels of Purgatory
Art, friendship and face-eating dogs
By Mike Dragan

Searching for place, even in bad situations
By Jordan Hartt