Opening Films

by Inlander Staff & r & & r & You, Me and Dupree -- You, Me and Dupree is a sitcom that subsists on Owen Wilson's ever-boyish projection of an innocence that has overstayed its welcome long into adulthood. As Dupree, Wilson plays the best friend to his pal Carl (played with easy humility by Matt Dillon). Carl and his newlywed wife Molly (Kate Hudson) live under the shadow of her possessive father Mr. Thompson (Michael Douglas), who doubles as Carl's real estate tycoon boss. A hilarious dinner table scene with the four main characters spikes the movie into a stratosphere of humor beyond its otherwise predictable restraints. (CS) Rated PG-13

Little Man -- The Wayans Brothers come with their most contrived movie idea yet. Revolving around a relatively new technique that allows CG wizards to put men's heads on the bodies of children, Marlon Wayan's head plays a two-foot tall cat burglar (though he's all man, we can assure you) who has to stash a diamond in a lady's purse to avoid capture by the police. To retrieve it, he must masquerade as a baby placed on the woman's doorstep. Good thing her husband (Keenan Ivory Wayans) shoots blanks. Rated PG-13