Buzz Bin

by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Boulevard of Big House Payments & r & Wanna stroll through half a dozen $2 million homes and gawk at how the CEOs live? You'll get your chance starting Saturday in Liberty Lake (Wednesdays-Sundays, June 10-July 23, tickets in the $8-$12 range). It's like one of those home-remodeling shows on cable, only in 3D and way out of your price range. Visit or call 892-3914. And hey, no running with Fudgesicles past the antiques.

Run Rerun To Run & r & Wanna see Isabella Ochichi outkick Tetyana Hladyr down Monroe again? Or were you actually expecting OLN to tape the stirring details of your 27,563rd-place finish? Anyway, the Outdoor Life Network (channel 31 on Spokane cable) will replay condensed, half-hour coverage of this year's Bloomsday race on Saturday at 12:30 pm and on Tuesday at 12:30 pm.

Spreading Canvas Over Canvasses & r & A wind storm blew in to announce the opening of ArtFest on Friday afternoon, followed by a couple of hours of steady rain and cooling temps. The weather kept numbers down on Friday and Sunday -- sunnier Saturday was packed -- but the patter of raindrops on leaves, umbrellas and booth tops lent a quiet soothing mood to the artistic happenings. Once we got bundled into our trusty fleece (hey, this is the Northwest after all), the rain clouds cleared out in time for Milonga to set everyone's toes tapping.

An Award Overdue & r & Bob Briley -- familiar to KHQ-TV audiences from the 1950s through the '90s -- recently won a richly deserved Emmy. He narrated a half-hour documentary about efforts to keep kids from the Spokane Tribe off the streets by involving them in hiking, biking and more. It's called "Summer of Dreams," and Bob won in the Children & amp; Youth Program category at the 43rd annual Northwest Region Emmy Awards dinner held in Seattle on June 3. Congratulations!

Co-Worker Throwdown & r & The photo on page 37 -- we have to say this -- is misleading. It appears (falsely, mind you) that one Inlander writer is about to block the shot of another. And that's just wrong. If our Josh Smith had waited just a half-second longer -- he does good work and all, but still -- we would have seen what in fact happened: A music writer crouching on the ground, cowering -- just after a certain arts editor had elevated impressively and dunked on his sorry butt.

We just wanted to clarify.