Buzz Bin

by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Hoop Hard, Hoop Clean & r & Good sportsmanship appeared to be on display at Hoopfest -- though maybe that's just because one of the Buzz Bin's teams played in the family division this year. (And he -- let's call him "Jer" -- came in second.) New this year: flagrant fouls awarded the other side a point plus possession of the ball. Perhaps it was the free food coupons from McDonald's for good sports -- or maybe everybody was just too hot and tired to act like jerks, but this year's Hoopfesters seemed very well behaved indeed.

Aquatic Smackdown & r & Developers in Coeur d'Alene made sure last week to slake the Lake Thirst of the Lake City. By creating another lake -- a new six-acre pond in the Riverstone community park, which will go very nicely, thank you, alongside Lake Coeur d'Alene's surface area of 31,872 acres -- it's clear that they're trying to create, um, a really big splash.

New Direction & r & Caryl Johnston has been named the new executive director of United Way of Kootenai County. The search committee looked all over the West but found Johnston in Hayden, already working with food banks, burn centers and many of the other nonprofits among the 28 member agencies in UWKC. Keep the important work going, Caryl. Visit

She Caught an Edge & r & Shizuka Arakawa: not exactly a household name here. But American spectators will be able to appreciate her as an example of good old-fashioned Japanese stick-to-itiveness when she appears at the Arena on July 27. You see, Arakawa finished an unlucky 13th in figure skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics, held in her native Japan. Four years later, she didn't even make the Japanese team. And four years after that, you were tuning in expecting to see Irina Slutskaya or Sasha Cohen win at Torino. But it's Shizuka Arakawa who won the gold back in February. And she'll be performing in Spokane -- her first stop with the Champions on Ice tour -- next month. Call 325-SEAT.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa & r & Former students of the Keller School were thrilled to see the spotlight shining on their reunion in our pages a couple of weeks ago (June 15), but everyone -- especially Juanita Ramirez of Spokane, who first told us about the reunion -- wondered who the heck "Juanita Rodriguez" was. Turns out we neglected Rule No. 1 in Reporting for Dummies: Get the names right. Our sincerest apologies go out to Juanita Ramirez and the rest of the Keller School grads.