Buzz Bin

Artists in Cougar Land

Samantha DiRose, who teaches digital media at WSU, wants to take the art out of art galleries. And put it in motel rooms, apparently. On Friday night, March 2, from 7-10 pm, artists will "transform and re-contextualize" 11 rooms with art installations commenting on such topics as travel, transience and isolation. Check it out at the Cougar Land Motel, 120 W. Main St. in Pullman. Call (509) 335-3180.

Pros of Drama

The Romeo and Juliet at SFCC (through March 11) won't be just any college show. The sets, lights, choreography and stage combat will be all designed by professionals and Sara Edlin-Marlowe will play Juliet's Nurse. Call 533-3592.

Viva la Huelga!

The Women of Color Symposium (in Pullman, March 2-3) will be keynoted on Friday night by Dolores Huerta, who worked alongside Cesar Chavez. She also recently declared that Republicans hate immigrants, sparking accusations of hate speech. Huerta will speak at 7:30 pm at the Gladish Community Center, 115 NW State St., Pullman, Wash. Call (509) 335-2572.

Small-Town America

On "Take the Old Road," Phyllis Silver will take the economic temperature of towns from Soap Lake to Republic to Dayton. The four-part radio series will be heard on KPBX (Mondays at 12:30 pm, March 5-26) and on KSFC on Fridays at 5 pm (March 9-30).The MAC will display a related collection of photographs (March 21-April 29). Call 328-5729.

A Novel This Year

Florida State's Robert Olen Butler once wrote a short story interactively, podcasting every last keystroke from conception through the final revision. On Wednesday, March 7, at 7:30 pm at WSU's Fine Arts Auditorium, the Pulitzer winner will explain "The Year You Write Your Novel." Call (509) 335-7309.

Artful Weekend

Just by wandering around downtown during First Friday, you can take in -- among many other attractions -- the handmade shawls and paintings on copper at the Artist's Tree Gallery, Steve Gevurtz's bronze casting process (at his studio above Thai on 1st) and the Italian paintings at Barrister Winery.

And Anna Nicole Smith ...

... is still dead.