Buzz Bin

Old Maid Pops Up Again

Did anybody catch those Orville Redenbacher ads during the Golden Globes? The popcorn magnate has been dead for 11 years, but they used a stand-in and 3-D animation to revivify him. At least one website cracked wise about "Orville Undeadenbacher." Creepy.

Super Screen

You can totally watch the Humongous Bowl on a big screen that's way bigger than the one at that dude's parents' house: the Garland Theatre. Doors open on Super Sunday at 2:45 pm for pizza, beer and prizes. Best of all, admission's free.

BTW, Peyton will overcome early jitters to throw for two touchdowns, and the Colts will cover the spread. Visit

Deen of Local Publishers

John Deen, publisher of Stonewall News Northwest from 1995-2005 and a strong advocate of Spokane's non-discrimination ordinance, died on Jan. 17 of lung cancer. Read the plain-spoken tributes at A memorial is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 11, from 2-4 pm at Dempsey's Brass Rail, 909 W. First Ave. Call 570-3750 or 209-0312.

Bookish Fellows

Spokane's Jess Walter collected yet another award for his novel, The Zero, from the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association. The PNBA also recognized Montana's David James Duncan for God Laughs and Plays -- another title on The Inlander's Top Ten list for 2006. Other recipients include Ivan Doig for his novel, The Whistling Season; David Biespiel, editor, for the poetry collection, Long Journey; Iain Lawrence for his young adult novel, Gemini Summer; and Three Cups of Tea, by mountaineer Greg Mortenson and journalist David Oliver Relin, about Mortenson's quest to build schools in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I'll Take a Gross

As part of their weight-loss program, some people get exercise buddies. But a Chilean-Danish artist named Marco Evaristti has found a new way: frying up meatballs and serving them to his pals. Nothing unusual there, except that Evaristti had fried those meatballs in fat liposucked from his own body. And has proceeded to sell cans of these all-natural delicacies for -- get this -- prices in the $6,000 to $23,000 range. Finally a fad diet worth trying.