On the Street

How should Spokane County spend the $101 million it's getting from the American Rescue Plan?

On the Street
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Sonja Mongar: Affordable housing, enforcement of regulations governing rental properties and tenant protections, grants to help people to buy a home, grants to help people to stay in their homes.

Jesse Quintana: Directly to its citizens. After all, the government is on our payroll.

Glen Mowbray: Give it to the taxpayer since you suck at spending money wisely.

Ken Nestor: There should not be one homeless person left on the street unless they are actively choosing to do so. Before they spend a dime on anything else.

Ron Schoonover: Paying the essential workers a bonus.

Felicia Diamond: It'll end up in real estate developers' pockets, but my vote would be home repair grants, rent relief, energy assistance, something to help small businesses grow.

Caya Berndt: Relief for small businesses, particularly for minority-owned businesses, many of which were excluded from the federal Paycheck Protection Program outreach.

Terry Parker: Greasing the wheels of corruption? What else?

David Boshart: Divide it amongst the city population and distribute it to households which have their property taxes currently up to date.

Christina Carlson Simonsen: Help bring restaurants, bars and theaters back to life.

Hugo Black: Fix our roads, create affordable housing, feed people, clean our river, provide health care for those without, etc.

Mark Aguirre: Definitely a new sports complex. Not roads or food banks.

Kristopher Surbrook: On the world's largest bong. Spokane needs a tourist attraction. ♦