To My Soulmate

My best friend/partner. It's been 8 years of ups and down, but as I take a
long, good look around, it is still you and I standing strong. I know we
both have done and said such awful, horrible things to one another that we
can't take back or change, but if I can plant another seed there, in you,
today to be remembered forever, I would need you to know that of all the
wrongful doings that I know in my heart have been done by you to me, I
don't care about them because I now realive that I'm the one who drove you
to those actions. I know it isn't me, but you who deserves so much better
than me and I need to tell you that I am painfully, dreadfully, honestly so
truly sorry for ever bringing you down to my level of misery. I thank you
for standing by me and putting up with me. I love you, baby, with every
last ounce of me, forever.